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In C, a pointer is just a variable whose value is address of another variable. We declare a pointer like this: data_type *variable_name;


We are already familiar with measuring angles in degrees. But we can also measure angles using radians.

One radian is the measurement of an angle, formed at the center of a circle, by joining the ends of an arc whose length is the same as radius.

Let’s break it down:

One radian is the measurement of an angle

formed at the center of a circle


A number system is just a way of writing or representing numbers using a set of symbols. Each system is based on how many symbols we are using to represent a number. The one we are most familiar with is the Decimal Number System.

Decimal Number system

The Decimal Number system (also called Base 10) uses ten symbols to represent numbers. These symbols (called digits) are:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

The position of symbols (digits) in a number is very important as it changes how much that digit represents. For example, 372.


Speed is just how fast something is moving. But what does it mean when we ask how fast something is moving? It means how much distance that object is covering in some time.

Speed can also be defined as the rate at which the distance is covered compared to the time passed. Rate is just a ratio which shows how much one quantity has changed compared to other.

So, speed = distance travelled / time passed.

Let's take an example.
The distance between two places A and B is 100 metres. You took 10 seconds to reach from A to B…

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